Project one – tick!

Back in September I made a list of projects I wanted to complete, the first was to make the quilters ironing pad from .

I already had a Moda Sunkissed Charm pack, so I used that to make the top.

Firstly I laid out the top (If you look closely this wasn’t how they ended up!):

Then I made rows of 4 charms, the seems were then ironed out flat on my big ironing board, which is a pain to move and always gets in the way, hence the project.

The 4 rows were then sewn together to make a 4 by 4 block.

After mentioning in my first post that I needed to get some thermal wadding, Emma from Patchwork and Pins offered me some which was left over from a previous project 🙂 Thank you Emma!

I also got some Heat resistant fabric which was called Therma-Flec from The Cotton Patch. I expect I could have got away with only using the thermal wadding, but as the original instructions said to use both I though I would too for peace of mind (I would hate to ruin the table surface with the heat of the iron).

I then layered my top on to the wadding and the Therma-Flec backing and trimmed it all down to size

Then I used the clover wonderclips (I really like these, they are awesome) to keep it all together

Next up I found some co-ordinating fabric to bind it, and then cut it into strips and joined them together to make a piece long enought to go around it


I then binded the ironing mat, I use the method shown here over on the make it & love it blog

Here’s the finished item:




Embarisingly the project was finished in October, and 80% of this post has been sitting in drafts since then. I’ll try to actually post stuff more frequently and quicker in the future 🙂

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