Welcome to my new blog.

I have changed my domain from katiegluyas.co.uk to katiedumont.co.uk, and with this change have decided to start with a fresh new blog, although I may retrieve some of the more interesting posts from my old sites and post them on here as an archive.

Hopefully people reading this will find some content that interests them, although no lies it may jump around topics a little as I’m rubbish at sticking to one thing, but hopefully I will make it easier by categorising posts so they make a little more sense!

A little about me:
I graduated from the University of Bath in 2011, with a BEng in Computers, Electronics and Communications. Since then I have married Nathan Dumont, who’s website’s are: nathandumont. com for a more serious electronics blog, and hairymnstr. com which is a more personal blog.
I am an Electronics Engineer, which is represented in the Electronics posts I will be creating.
In my spare time I enjoy crafting, and try my hand at a wide variety of different crafts and mediums, hopefully there will be many posts appearing on different projects I start (I’m not always promising I’ll finish them, but hopefully having the blog chart my progress will help me to commit to finishing them more than previously. You never know I may even finish some that I have already started and post them as well!

Sorry if the appearance of the blog changes, the current state will not be how it will stay, but I’m not quite sure on what to change it to.

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